Introducing Africa365’s Millionaire Project: Unlock a Journey to Rewards and Success, a premier iGaming platform in Africa, is thrilled to introduce its immensely rewarding affiliate program, the Millionaire Project. This revolutionary initiative offers a unique opportunity for users to invite their friends and family to join the thrilling world of Africa365, unlocking the journey to financial success and freedom. With generous referral rewards and an abundance of entertainment at their fingertips, participants in the Millionaire Project can embark on a journey that promises both excitement and substantial rewards.

The’s Millionaire Project allows participants to leverage their networks and earn generous referral commissions. is revolutionising the online gaming landscape by harnessing the power of cutting-edge blockchain technology. With its recent entry into the Nigerian market, Africa365 is poised to reshape the booming live gaming industry in Africa, providing an unparalleled and immersive gaming experience. As part of its commitment to empowering users who appreciate the platform’s values, Africa365 has introduced the Millionaire Project—an initiative that invites individuals from all backgrounds, whether beginners, gaming enthusiasts, or experienced marketers, to join in the captivating entertainment while also offering an exciting opportunity to win extra cash. The concept is simple: by becoming an affiliate, participants can leverage their networks and earn generous referral commissions each time their referred players sign up and play on Africa365.

What sets the Millionaire Project apart is its commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of benefits to all users, ensuring that their efforts are handsomely rewarded. By joining Millionaire Project, affiliates can not only transform their passion for gaming into a source of passive income but also enrich the lives of those around them. With a competitive commission structure, affiliates have the potential to earn up to $12,000 in referral rewards, alongside a remarkable 51.54% commission, simply by inviting their friends, family, and followers to join Africa365. Additionally, top-performing affiliates will enjoy exclusive bonuses and rewards, further enhancing their earning potential and cementing their success.

africa365 Millionaire Project

The Millionaire Project introduces a generous rewards package.

The Millionaire Project introduces a generous rewards package comprised of four key elements: invitation bonus, betting commission, achievement bonus, and VIP level-up bonus. Through the invitation bonus, affiliates enjoy a stable passive income, receiving USDT reward for each friend they invite who makes a qualifying deposit. The project further presents an achievement system, allowing affiliates to unlock additional rewards as they climb up the invitation ladder, with higher rewards awaiting those who invite more individuals.

africa365 affiliates

The invitation ladder allows affiliates to unlock additional rewards.

Africa365 extends its gratitude to users who showcase the allure of online gaming by incentivising them with betting commissions. As a Promoter, every affiliate has the opportunity to earn a long-term income through a percentage commission earned whenever their referred players place bets. With a multi-level commission structure, Promoters can receive commissions from up to three levels of referrals, expanding their income potential across a wide network of connections.

Promoters can receive percentage commissions from up to three levels of referrals.

Moreover, the Millionaire Project introduces an exclusive VIP system, rewarding participants with level-up bonuses. Each time a user referred by an affiliate reaches a specified level in the game, additional VIP level-up bonuses are unlocked. This creates an exciting opportunity for users to immerse themselves in the captivating world of online gaming, sharing tips with friends, practising skills together, helping them achieve higher levels, and creating a win-win situation where both parties enjoy enhanced benefits within the captivating Africa365 platform.


The exclusive VIP system rewards affiliates with additional bonuses when their referrals level up.

“Whether you have a bunch of good friends or run a platform or social media account with a significant following, we wholeheartedly welcome you to become part of the Millionaire Project,” said Jordan, CEO of “By partnering with Africa365, you have the chance to transform your influence into a lucrative source of income while providing your audience with an exceptional online gaming experience.” extends a warm invitation to individuals with extensive networks, influencers, organisations, and platforms with wide influence to contact Special deals and tailored partnership opportunities are available for those with significant influence, allowing them to unlock even greater rewards through collaboration. Additionally, Africa365 offers comprehensive support and assistance with a wide range of promotional tools and resources designed to maximise every participant’s influence and earning potential.
Join the Millionaire Project today and embark on an exciting and rewarding journey with your friends and family. To learn more about and the Millionaire Project, please visit

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